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Published on March 12th, 2012 | by Guest Contributor


Ecco Camper: An eco promise to get zero emission travel

The classic design of the Camper Mobile Van has been taken from an EV, airstream and microbus. This inspired design is declared to be emission free vehicle of the future generation. The ECCO Camper Van is a wind–resistant car, it is also capable of folding in on itself according to the requirement. The cutting of shape occurs specially to minimize the resistance of air from the opposite side. The elongated structure of the camper van enables it to bend down to the ground, its structure becomes very close to the ground. Being closer to ground helps to reduce the sir resistance and provide more space inside the van for passengers.

Zurich with new eco-friendly design

The new ECCO camper van concept is developed by Zurich based NAU Design team; this project is totally eco-friendly and promises to emit zero emissions. This camper van is constraint free mobility and environmentally sustainable. This amazing van will take you to your desired place without the worry about the fuel or whether the tank is full or empty, with no worries of the cost of fuel or environmental harm from emissions.

Spacy rooms make journey comfortable

The concept of camper vehicle is that, it is stud with the PV cells on its membrane. The PV cell membrane folds out into machine mode and the membrane makes use of solar energy. Therefore when the membrane is folded, extra solar energy is radiated out. Here the process of expansion takes place so as to turn the Camper Van into dormant garret, the remaining membrane contains the kitchen, extra bed, living area, including shower and toilet.

These all rooms are featured within a space of 8 feet width and length of 15 feet. The passenger will have a safe and comfortable journey. The temporary home made within the car makes it more stylish. It is aerodynamic on the road and when it is parked, the van expands to give level-space and space for others.

Eco-friendly uses solar energy

The ECCO camper is for those who love to travel but not at the expense of environmental damage. This ECCO camper van is 100 percent eco-friendly, using electricity. Its battery is rechargeable and can be charged at any of the 240 Volts station. If there is no availability of charging station, the battery would charge itself using the energy of the Sun. Its photovoltaic panels with solar sail roofs help to absorb the solar energy.

Aerodynamic shape

The clever design of the Ecco van using aluminum & glass makes it look more like a work of a sculpture figure. It can cheat the opposite blowing wind by its smooth aerodynamic shape. In its wider section, the ECCO measures 2.55 meter wide & 4.62 meter in length.

The roof is made to slide and enlarge the inner space. You can also have a good view of the stars through star-observatory effects. The large semi-transparent windows allow you to have clear view of the nature so that you feel the riding joy of this eco-friendly vehicle.

Photos courtesy Nau.

Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be an eco enthusiast. She is a big fan of hybrid bicycles and plans to own one soon. Being an eco lover, she is also big supporter of green architecture and fuel-efficient gadgets and vehicles.


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