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Published on November 8th, 2011 | by Nadya Andreeva


Review: Conscious Box

Conscious Box

Do you like to get presents? What would you say about a monthly present box filled with organic sustainable goods from socially responsible companies that support conscious healthy living?

The idea sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Conscious Box, the company who brought this idea to life, is launching this month.

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription service whose goal is to introduce their customers to a range of companies that support a sustainable, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle while minimizing their negative impact on the planet. “Healthy planet with healthy people” is one of the company’s mottos.

Discovery is another value that Conscious Box regards highly. Monthly boxes are focused on a different theme each month – November was the month of gratitude. The contents of the box strive to reflect the theme in the form of practical daily living necessities.  You know that you’ll get a range of high quality products from green, honest businesses – but every month will be a surprise. CB wants you to feel like your birthday is every month.

Interior shot

The box’s packaging helps to create a celebration experience. My recycled box came with green wrapping paper and a pretty tie.

This month, the box included everything from vegan beauty products to organic energy boosters – a total of 12 little presents. Every item reflects something that we should be grateful for: Honest Tea Kid’s drink (honesty), Kind Bar (kindness), Glee Gum (happiness), Pharmacopia lotion and body wash, 100% Pure lotion and body wash (our bodies), Mary’s Gone Crackers cookie, Funky Monkey fruit snack (fun), Cocoa Well supplement sample (energy), and Living Nutz baggy (creativity) were carefully arranged inside the box. All this for a total of $19/month or $108/6 months which includes shipping and handling. The company’s website notes that the total value of the samples is around $30, which makes it a pretty good deal.

Besides striving to create a small celebration in people’s lives, CB was launched with a mission to educate consumers about a phenomenon known as greenwashing. The company is helmed by a three person team of passionate young eco-conscious advocates who want the world to understand the difference between companies that use ‘green and eco’ purely to increase sales and those who are truly making a difference. CB argues that our dollars should be voting for sustainability and ethical business practices.

Conscious Box contents

While I did love my conscious box and enjoyed everything that was inside, I doubt I would order a monthly subscription. All the products were familiar, and I didn’t see the benefit of receiving samples of familiar brands. However, I am planning on ordering several boxes as holiday presents. I think it is one of the best eco-conscious affordable gift ideas this year. You get to introduce your friends to great brands, it is already packaged and wrapped, and it is guaranteed to be unique!

Have you tried Conscious Box? What do you think about it? Please share in the comments section! We love to hear your thoughts!

Editor’s Note: HUGE thanks to Conscious Box for supplying our review sample.

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Nadya Andreeva is a yoga instructor and ayurveda enthusiast who grew up in Russia in a family of doctors. Nadya grew up practicing yoga and learning about different healing approaches in Russia, India, and later all over the US. Trained in yoga therapy and ayurveda Nadya works to create a wholesome path to wellness through yoga classes, personal wellness coaching, and nutrition workshops. Her articles on yoga and nutrition are featured on MindBodyGreen, Modern Hippie Mag, Crazy Sexy Life and YogaCity NYC. She holds an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from New York University and hopes to eventually bring her holistic approach to wellness into the corporate world. Follow Nadya’s blog Spinach and Yoga and twitter @realyoganyc to receive fun wellness tips.

5 Responses to Review: Conscious Box

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  2. wendy says:

    You should check out the Blissmobox. It is a similar program full of carefully vetted “green” products; with many full sized items, too. We have been receiving monthly shipments for several months and I am really happy with their products and customer service. I end of giving away about half of each box because the items make such great gifts!

    • Nadya Andreeva says:

      Thanks Wendy for an idea! I will check it out!

    • Arthur says:

      I like blissmo box but I like this box’s ‘idea’ better – the whole discovery thing is pretty cool. I think I’d rather get a bunch of smaller items from new business than larger items I could just get at the store. I didn’t know most of these brands besides Honest Tea and Kind Bar. This one seems more… fun.. plus it looks quite a bit smaller = less emissions during shipping, which I am worried about… This will def be my gift of choice this season :)) thanks for the post Nadya!

  3. Jerah says:

    What a great gift concept. Thanks for the info. Nadya!

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