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Published on February 17th, 2010 | by Editor in Chief


New on the Scene:!

Want to sample really cool eco, organic and all-natural home, health, and beauty products?  Become an InTELL Member at the newly launched site and receive a package four times per year stuffed with an amazing range of new and fantastic eco-friendly products.  The annual membership is only $25!  Members also have access to a special forum area where they can share their evaluations, experiences and thoughts on the products they receive.

Modern Hippie Mag readers can take advantage of a special coupon code good for 20% off the annual membership!  Sign up to receive our bi-weekly newsletter packed with special incentives and discount offers to get the special discount from

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Jaszy McAllister is the driving force behind MHMag. Her desire to give voice and document her own personal eco-journey and discovery was the basis of creating Modern Hippie Mag. Outside of being the Editor in Chief, Jaszy is a media consultant, host, model, actress, and self-professed workaholic, computer junkie. She enjoys good food, good company and dancing her tushy off at local Latin dance clubs.

2 Responses to New on the Scene:!

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  2. wee says:

    I tried to find today, and it seems that their domain has expired. Do you know what became of the business? I find it pitiful that the company didn't even have the courtesy to notify its inTell Meember subscribers that it wasn't going to be able to fulfill the deal it offered (we only got 2 packets in the course of 9 months).

    Shame on Lauren Rabbitt (Ecoluxelife co-founder according to this… for vanishing into the night without so much as a "Farewell" to her customers!

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